I am pleased to present you with Total Solutions Intec Pvt. Ltd. - “SOPs Manual”

I am proud of the achievements of our Employee’s for their commitment and dedication to the company. At the same time I recognize that a large family should be bonded by a common vision and driven by similar values. All employee needs to be familiar with the company’s goal, culture and values it stands for, be clear of its expectations and aware of own responsibilities. This will help us work more productively, be better team players, enjoy what we do and above all, provide service that meets or exceeds our customers’ expectations.

Our HR Philosophy is also directed at this: we strive for the best possible fit between employees, their jobs and our projects. For us it is important that everyone enjoys their job. For this reason we screen candidates carefully in two areas: competence and attitude. Where there is a clear fit, then we offer candidates clear prospects. We also provide a motivating remuneration package. People doing exceptional work are exceptionally well rewarded. In this way we maintain the one real TSI feeling: doing fantastic things together and enjoying it.

I am therefore confident that the SOPs Manual will go a long way to provide you with such understanding and help to be a part of great team. This is our effort of introducing such Manual that you will find it informative and useful.

I look forward for your commitment, hard work and team spirit to ensure a bright future for all members of TSI.

With Best Wishes
C M Reddy
Chairman and Managing Director